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Installing WordPress Plugins top 4 must have wordpress plugins


Now that you’ve got WordPress up and running, here’s how to install plugins. WordPress plugins are small, sometimes independent programs that help you improve WordPress. Some of them help speed up your site, enhance pages, make your blog search-engine friendly, and provide other services that will you’ll benefit from.

Must Have WordPress Plugins


1) Akismet — This plugin comes with WordPress by default and it’s created by the company behind WordPress. All you have to do is activate this plugin. It will help you prevent and combat spammers to your blog.


2) WordPress SEO – I use this plugin on all my online blogs. It helps you optimize your blog so you can rank better with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! . Believe me, if you don’t make your blog attractive to search engines, people won’t find it easily. So, go ahead and install this plugin.


3) W3 Total Cache – This is another plugin that will help make your blog run faster. The reason you want you blogs to run faster is because search engines like faster website, especially Google. Google may rank (show you pages first) you site better than other sites that are slower.

So, to perform well on search engine’s result pages, install and configure this plugin.


4)  Contextual Related Posts –> Here’s another plugin that you should install on your blogs. This add related posts at below all your posts to help your users find related articles. It may also help you users stay longer on your site.


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