Fix windows cannot be installed to this disk the selected disk is of the gpt partition style

Published on April 5, 2015 by adrian

Welcome back on asionit, today i whant to show you how to fix the gpt partition style problem. I had dealing whit this problem on a acer e51-510 that is very lowend laptop and it has a good price on the market, but in my study around google i had found out that several laptops had this gpt partition style problem. The video below it whill show you how to fix this problem is maded in romanian language so i whill post the commads i use below.

WARNING all the data from your harddrive whill be erased when you folow my steps, so before doing anything please backup your files. In my case the hard drive is brand new and the steps below are not a problem for me.

Fist time when you gen at install point hit FN+SHIFT+F10 and a command prompt whil open after that:

disk part


select disk 0 (zero)


And when its done reboot your computer and install the windows, see you in next videos.

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