How to install cpanel on Centos

Published on April 5, 2015 by adrian

HEllo and welcone to a new video tutorial, today i whill teach you how to install cpanel on a brand new machine. I had buy a VPS from which is going great because it runs on SSD (solid state drive). For those you dont know the SSD runs alot faster then the usual hard drive HDD.

Ok, lets get back to cpanel in order to install the cpanel you need to login to your brand you VPS/server and type in your username and password after that you need to paste the commands below.

  1. cd /home — Opens the /home directory.
  2. wget -N — Fetches the latest installation files from cPanel’s servers.
  3. sh latest — Opens and executes the installation files.

When you whill execute the sh latest if you get any error try to leave a comment and i whill replay as soon as posible, after the install is over you can access your server ip adress folowed by the port 2087 which is the port from WHM/CPANEL. Below you have a video tutorial how to install it , the install process it takes 1-2h in my case it was 85 min because i run on SSD.

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