How to jailbreak iphone ipad and ipod whit evasi0n

Published on April 5, 2015 by adrian

Welcome, sorry because i have not posted any articles antil now but is coming back to normal. Today i whill show you how to jailbreak your iphone 5 whit iOS 7.0.6, last week when the 7.0.6 ios update had arrive on our phones evasion solution worked on iOs 7.0.6 but whit a little compatibiliti problem.

Now the evasvi0n had launched a full version for iOS 7.0.6 which works very whell i have jailbreaked my iphone 5 in just a couple of minutes whitout any problem. Before you begin please backup your phone whit iTunes. is not responsable for any damage you may bring to  you phone during the jailbreak operation.

To jailbreak iphone 5 folow the steps from my video, if you have any questions please write it on my comment section.

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